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The Truck Show Podcast

Jan 25, 2021

Go behind the scenes of Heat Shield Products with Steve Heye to learn about thermal management products, the proper way to absorb sound, and why hot-rodding a smoker with Heat Shield Products is a good idea. The guys also get an update on Daytona Truck Meet from their favorite truck enthusiast in Florida, Jordan...

Jan 18, 2021

Never one to shy away from gracing our podcast (or any others) with his knowledge and opinion, automotive personality and journalist Jonny Lieberman returns to shed light on Toyota’s decision to cancel the Land Cruiser in America, while touching on midsize trucks, Ram’s TRX, Land Rovers, and Portuguese...

Jan 11, 2021

Welcome back! The guys are excited to release their first episode of 2021 and welcome explorer Billy Creech to the podcast to talk about the Eastern Mojave Heritage Trail and exploring the Mojave in his modified Avalanche. The guys also discuss Toyota’s decision to kill the Land Cruiser in America and talk about...

Dec 30, 2020

The guys sneak in one last episode for the year to go over forgotten messages and talk about their favorite shows of 2020.

Dec 29, 2020

Massive budgets. Bombshell revelations. Those are other podcasts. This is The Truck Show podcast, where radio personality Jay "Lightning" Tilles and automotive journalist Sean Holman cover all things truck - lifted, lowered, and everything in between.